What is Ramayana? Get a Short Story of Ramayana!


short story of ramayana

Short Story of Ramayana in English!

Whenever the point comes to India, You would have surely heard
about the mighty epics of Hindus. You would have also heard
about Lord Rama. One such mighty epic is Ramayana.

Lord Rama is the most popular and important God in Hinduism.

He and his Ramayana are believed to be very sacred by the

Hindus. Ramayana is a big epic and it can't be read easily, so

today I will give you a short story of Ramayana in English.

The Ramayana is daily read by millions of Hindus. Being an

ancient Indian novel, this epic is closely related to the

hearts of millions of Hindus. The people of India consider

Lord Rama to be their ancestor, and He is considered to

be the core of all Indian philosophies. Originally written

by Maharishi Valmiki in Sanskrit Language, this epic has

been re-written and translated in many other languages.

Being the First Epic to be written, It is said to be Adi-Kavya or

the first Epic. The Ramayana consists of 24,000 verses and

divided into 7 parts. The Ramayana is an epic which is based on

the life journey of a mighty King named Rama. He is considered

to be the 7th human incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the preserver

of this world.Lord Rama came to this world to eliminate the

Evils and Adharma and establish the rule of Good

and Dharma. After Mahabharata, Ramayana is the second

largest epic of this world. It narrates the whole life of Rama

as how he is born, his marriage with Sita, his killing of Ravana

(the demon king) etc. In this blog post, I will give you a

short story of Ramayana in English.


The original Ramayana was written by the legendary poet
Maharishi Valmiki. This Ramayana was the first epic. It is
referred to written in the Sanskrit Language and was as the
Adi-kavya After that, in the medieval period, many other
translations have been done in other languages by different poets. 

The Ramayana was translated in Awadhi language (a dialect of Hindi)

by Tulsidasji Maharaj. He is considered as a very excellent poet

and is believed to be the incarnation of Maharishi Valmiki only. 

This Awadhi Ramayana was named as Ramcharitmanas.
The Kamb Ramayana which was written in Tamil Language
was written by Kamban, an epic poet of Tamil Nadu. 
Similarly, a Telugu Ramayana known as Ranganatha Ramayana
was written by a Telugu poet named Gona Budda Reddy. The Assamese Ramayana written by Madhava Kandali, an
excellent poet of Assam, was the Saptakanda Ramayana.
The Marathi Bhavarth Ramayan was written by Sant Eknath
who was a pure devotee of Lord Vishnu. ThunChattu Ezhuthachan,
a legendary poet of Kerala wrote the Malayalam Adhyatma
Ramayana. An Urdu Ramayana was also written by an
Urdu poet, Brij Narayan Chakbast. 

short story of ramayana


The Ramayana is a very sacred text for Hindus. It is read by millions of Hindus daily. It has been
considered to be a very divine book and can bless the reader as well as the listener. 
Only by listening to this Epic, our sins can be destroyed, and we can attain Moksha. Certain
verses of this book are said to save from problems and difficulties if chanted properly.
There are many verses in this book, which if chanted regularly can destroy many problems and
difficulties and provide prosperity. The Ramayana is said to contain huge knowledge and wisdom.
It contains lectures and discourses on many philosophical and spiritual aspects of Life. 
It teaches us how to be an Ideal man and handle the situations of Life.
The Characters of this Epic are portrayed in such a way that they teach us many lessons. Lord Rama
is portrayed as an ideal man, ideal leader, ideal husband etc. Sita is portrayed as an ideal wife.
Laxman as an ideal brother and Hanuman as an ideal devotee. All the characters of the epic
teach us a specific lesson of life.


The Ramayana has been divided into 7 Kandas or 7 parts. They are Baal Kanda, Ayodhya Kand,
Aranya Kand, Kishkindha Kand, Sunder Kand, Lanka Kand and Uttar Kand. 
The Baal Kand contains information about the birth of Lord Rama. The Ayodhya Kand tells about
the marriage of Sita and Rama and their exile into forests. 
The Aranya Kand tells about the kidnapping of Sita by Ravana in Forests. Then comes the
Kishkindha Kand in which Lord Rama meets Hanuman and Sugriva. In Sunder Kand, Hanuman
finds Sita, burns the whole Lanka and tells Rama the whereabouts of Sita. In Lanka or sometimes
called as Yuddha Kand, Rama fights with Ravana and kills him.
Then the Uttar Kand narrates the life of Rama post the Ramayana. Here is a short story of
Dasharatha was the mighty King of Ayodhya. Ayodhya was a very prosperous kingdom and was ruled
by the Suryavanshi Dynasty. Dasharatha had three wives, Koushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra. Koushalya

gave birth to Rama.

Kaikeyi gave birth to Bharata. Sumitra gave birth to Laxman and Shatrughana. When the sons of

Dasharatha grow up, he sends them for schooling in Vedic sciences. After all, when they come back,

Lord Rama marries Sita.

Also, the three brothers of Rama marry the three sisters of Sita. Laxman marries Urmila, Bharata marries

Mandavi and Shatrughana marries Shrutakirti. 

But Kaikeyi after a time starts being jealous of Rama and wants that her son Bharata should be made the

king. So Kaikeyi asks Dasharatha to make her son Bharata as the king and send Rama to 14 years of

exile as a boon.

Dasharatha had no choice, so he sent Rama to 14 years of exile. Then Lord Rama with Sita and

Laxman set out for exile.

While at the exile, a demoness named Surnapankha sees Lord Rama and is impressed by his beauty.

She asks Rama for their marriage. But Rama denies her request as he was already married.

When she tries to force Rama, Laxman in anger cuts her nose. Surnapankha sees this as her insult and

takes refuge in the shelter of her brother Ravana and tells him to take revenge from Rama.

Ravana was already very much impressed by Sita’s beauty, and he wanted her as a wife. The revenge

made an excuse for him to take Sita. 

One day he managed Rama and Laxman to lure out from their hermitage and forcefully abducts Sita.

He takes her to his Lanka. 

When Rama returns, he sees no one. Then he sets out on his journey to find and kill Ravana. He

befriends Hanuman and Sugriva, who in turn help him to kill Ravana and take back her Sita.

Meanwhile, doing all this, his exile also finishes, and he returns to Ayodhya. Then after his return, he is

crowned as a king of his kingdom.

After that he lives happily forever. He ruled Ayodhya prosperously for many years.

short story of ramayana


Ramayana, besides being very popular and divine, is also very mysterious. It has several many
hidden facts in it and there are many mind-blowing facts which 99% people don’t know. 
Here are some of the most unknown facts about Ramayana:
Besides having four sons, Dasharatha also had a daughter. Most people think that there were only
four sons of Dasharatha. But many don’t know that he also had a daughter named Shanta, who
was the daughter of Koushalya.

1)Once King Janak, the father of Sita saw her playing with the Pinak. Pinak was the legendary bow

given Shiva himself to the ancestors of Janak. Sita was able to lift Dhanush, which thus set the

condition of her Marriage.

2)Queen Suro, the queen of Korea, was believed to be the daughter of an Ayodhyan King. Queen

Suro was the ancestor of the Koreans. This is the reason why the Koreans believe Ayodhya to be

their maternal home.

3)Tulsidasji Maharaj, the legendary poet who wrote Ramcharitmanas, Hanuman Chalisa etc., was

believed to be the incarnation of Maharishi Valmiki. He was incarnated to rewrite the Ramayana, not like a witness but like a devotee.

4)While Lord Rama was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Laxman was an incarnation of Sheshnaga.

Sheshnaga is the giant serpent on which Vishnu sleeps. Also, Bharat was the incarnation of

Sudarshan Chakra (discus carried by Vishnu). Shatrughana was of the Panchajanya Shankha

which is a conch held by Vishnu.

5)When Rama, Sita and Laxman went into exile in forests during 14 years, Laxman never slept. He

was awakened for 14 years both day and night. Instead of him, his wife Urmila slept for 14 years

to take the sleep of Laxman.

6)You have surely heard about the Bhagavad Gita. But there’s also another Gita named as Ravana

Gita. It was the Gita of Ravana which was said by him at the time of his death. It is the fifth one

besides the Ashtavakra, Guru, Ishvara and Uddhav Gita.

short story of ramayana


Ramayana is such a great epic that can give you Moksha if you just listen to it. It happened
thousands of years ago. It is the most powerful epic in all of Indian mythology.
But still many people do not believe in it. They say that it was just a story and nothing else.
It has nothing to do with real life.
For those illiterate people, I have given here some proofs of Ramayana, which clearly say that it
was a real life incident:

1)When Lord Hanuman burnt the palace of Ravana, it is said that the soil of that place turned black.

Similarly, in today’s Sri Lanka, the place where Ravana’s palace stood, the soil is still black in color. While shockingly, the soil of the surroundings is normal in color. But only the soil of that

palace is black.

2)The Ram Setu or today’s Adam’s Bridge is still there between Rameshwaram and Sri Lanka. The

predictions of this bridge’s age is just equal to that mentioned in Ramayana. Also, the scientists

have said that it is a Man-made bridge. Even today its stone floats on water instead of sinking.

3)According to Ramayana, Lord Hanuman brought the whole Sanjeevani Mountain from Himalaya to

Sri Lanka. There’s really a Sanjeevani Mountain present in Sri Lanka. Also, the rarest Himalayan

herbs are found here in this mountain of Sri Lanka. Even the temperature of this mountain also

remains cool, just like normal mountains.

4)When Ravana was abducting Sita, Jatayu, a very strong and brave bird, came to rescue the

goddess. But in the fight, Ravana killed him. When Rama came here and saw Jatayu, he said,

“Le Pakshi” to him which means “rise bird” in the local language. When Rama said this, Instantly

the bird got Moksha. Today still there is a temple named Lepakshi temple present in the exact

same place in Andhra Pradesh.


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